From bionic contact lenses to Li-Fi communications

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This month, Arrow Electronics is giving away ten BeMicro Max 10 FPGA evaluation boards together with an integrated USB-Blaster, each package being worth 90 Euros, for EETimes Europe’s readers to win.

Designed to get you started with using an FPGA, the BeMicro Max 10 adopts Altera’s non-volatile MAX 10 FPGA built on 55-nm flash process.

The MAX 10 FPGAs are claimed to revolutionize…



Beauty tips for contact lens wearers

EN Beauty – Contact lens wearers are often overlooked when it comes to the beauty industry.

While there are some lens-friendly cosmetics out there, it can be confusing to know what is safe to use. We have spoken to top make-up artist Selen Hurer for tips on keeping eyes healthy – and on trend.

Selen warns there are certain products that lens-wearing fashionistas should steer clear of.

“Don’t use an oily make-up remover, skincare and make-up should be hypoallergenic. Cleansing water is gentle and effective,” she told Cover Media. “Don’t use water resistant mascaras and eye pencils. They will irritate


Contact lens merges plastics and active electronics via 3-D printing

( —As part of a project demonstrating new 3-D printing techniques, Princeton researchers have embedded tiny light-emitting diodes into a standard contact lens, allowing the device to project beams of colored light. Michael McAlpine, the lead researcher, cautioned that the lens is not designed for actual use—for one, it requires an external power supply. Instead, [...]

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3D printing creates LED on contact lens

Princeton researchers demonstrated the potential of 3D printing techniques by embedding tiny light-emitting diodes into a standard contact lens, which allowed the device to project beams of coloured light. The lens is not designed for actual use because it requires an external power supply, but the device demonstrates the ability to 3D print electronics into [...]

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Sanford convenience store owner arrested for selling contact lenses

A Sanford convenience store owner told Channel 9 she could lose her livelihood after being arrested for selling contact lenses. Shanti Persaud is facing the same charges that a doctor would for operating an eye clinic without a license. Persaud said she has purused the American dream for four years and never thought she would [...]

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