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GetLenses has rebranded as Vision Direct, and is now Europe’s largest online supplier of contact lenses.

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GetLenses is now Vision Direct

GetLenses is now Vision Direct, Europe’s largest online contact lens supplier

We are proud to announce that GetLenses is now Vision Direct; Europe’s largest and most trusted online supplier


12.22.14 — Researchers 3D Print LED Into Contact Lens

Color Filter Glass

HOYA’s color filter glass products are ideal for applications involving medical devices, CCDs, imaging, telecommunications, calibration, electronic instrumentation, night vision, displays, and machine vision. The filter glass line includes sharp cut filters, infrared transmitting filters, light-balancing filters, color-compensating filters, neutral density filters, heat-absorbing filters, multiband calibration filters, and many more. Learn more.


Permeability Tester Measures Oxygen Performance of Contact Lenses

i-OXTRA 7600 Oxygen Transmission Rate Tester is designed to measure the oxygen transmission rate of various films including plastic films, plastic composite films, paper-plastic composite films, coextruded films, aluminized films, aluminum foil, aluminum composite films, and many others

A: Install the package flange and fix it with 2 socket head screws and then tighten it with Allen wrench. Make sure the 2 holes in the flange and those of the lower test chamber are well aligned and the O-ring should be fixed tightly.

B: Mount the test specimen in the order shown in the figures below

C: Set up test parameters and perform


Critical Uniformity Requirement for Contact Lens Curing Greatly Surpassed with Despatch Oven

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