Blind ref? NFL official reinserts contact lenses

Gene Steratore is happy that he can see again. (USATSI)
Gene Steratore is happy that he can see again. (USATSI)

You know that old joke about some witty soul from the stands of a football/baseball game who sees a referee/umpire make a call against that patron’s team and yells out, “Yo ref/ump, do you need to borrow my glasses?”

Turns out referee Gene Steratore could have actually used the help in the first quarter of the Colts-Bengals game.

That’s because the game had to be slightly delayed because Steratore


Government advances measures to make cosmetic contact lenses safer

Vision Health Professionals Welcome Proposed New Regulations

OTTAWA, Oct. 18, 2014 /CNW/ – Today, in a move widely supported by optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians, the Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health, announced that Health Canada will be consulting on new guidance for industry that will lead to non-corrective or ‘cosmetic’ contact lenses being regulated as medical devices.

‘Cosmetic’ contact lenses (also called decorative lenses) are used to change the colour or appearance of the eyes and are typically sold by costume and cosmetic retailers. Until now, these types of lenses have been regulated as consumer products. However


Eye Care Associates Now Offers the New Air Optix Color Contact Lens- Color Contact Lens Wearers Rejoice

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Halloween Safety Alert: Costume Contact Lenses Can Damage Eyes


Dr. Lana Srur

Wearing decorative contact lenses to enhance your Halloween costume may seem fun, but it can permanently damage vision. Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of the University of Miami School of Medicine warns consumers that using decorative lenses without a prescription or a proper fitting by an eye-care professional carries serious risks to vision, potentially leading to blindness. Often painted in vivid patterns, these lenses are used to change the eye’s appearance – not to improve vision. They are typically sold online and through flea markets, convenience stores, and shops.

Dr. Lana Srur,


Halloween contact lenses can be a spell for your eyes

HOUSTON, Tx. — It’s as scary as it looks!  Party monsters, this Halloween beware of spooky contacts: doctors say they’ll make you cry.

Starting at $10, contact lenses might help you transform into a zombie or a sexy vampire.   But the FDA warns that they can also result in infection, ulceration, long lasting vision loss and even blindness.

“A lot of times these contacts that are used for cosmetic purposes are not the highest quality,” says Gene Kim, M.D., at UTHealth / Memorial.  “They can suffocate the eye, cause infections and a lot of other issues as well.”

In other words: a witch