Google developing smart contact lenses with Novartis

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Google agrees contact lens deal

A smart contact lens that can monitor the glucose levels in the eye is a step closer to reality.

Google’s announced a partnership with Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis to develop it.

The technology giant first unveiled the concept in January, which works using tiny sensors and microchips fitted into contact lenses that can then measure and read the amount of glucose in tears.

It then sends the information to a mobile device so diabetics can manage their condition.


What Else Could Smart Contact Lenses Do?

Last week Google and Novartis announced that they’re teaming up to develop contact lenses that monitor glucose levels and automatically adjust their focus. But these could be just the start of a clever new product category. From cancer detection and drug delivery to reality augmentation and night vision, our eyes offer unique opportunities for both health monitoring and enhancement.

“Now is the time to put a little computer and a lot of miniaturized technologies in the contact lens,” says Franck Leveiller, head of research and development in the Novartis eye care division.

One of the Novartis-Google prototype lenses


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Bacteria can begin to grow between your eye and the lens if you leave your contacts in for longer than you’re


Google’s smart contact lenses will soon become a reality

Remember Google’s interesting diabetes-detecting smart contact lens project the company unveiled in early 2014? The smart lens technology that would offer users a simpler, non-invasive way of measuring blood sugar while also improving eyesight is certainly interesting to Novartis, with the company on Tuesday announcing a partnership between its eye care division Alcon and Google’s X division to manufacture the lenses.

Alcon will license the