3D printed CONTACT LENSES could beam videos straight into your eyes

  • Scientists from Princeton University in New Jersey have managed to make a 3D printer that can create a five layered contact lens
  • The lens is a transparent polymer with tiny ‘quantum dot’ light-emitting diodes and wires hidden inside that form electrical circuits
  • One layer of the lens beams light into a wearer’s eye – and could in the future be used as a heads up display to show data or even videos
  • The US Air Force is funding the research and hopes that it could one day be used to show pilots information and monitor their health and alertness


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Contact lenses with built-in video could be 3D printed

Who needs Glass when you’ve got contact lenses that can display video and even detect health problems? What’s more, lenses with these capabilities could one day be created using a 3D printer.

Most of today’s 3D printers work with scraps of plastic or metal and turn them into simple objects. But Michael McAlpine at Princeton University and his colleagues have developed a 3D printer that can make a five-layered contact lens, one which emits light into the wearer’s eyes.

The lens is a transparent polymer with several components embedded inside:

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Study Shows Contact Lenses Might Cause Dangerous Eye Infection

Millions of Americans went to the hospital last year because of a serious eye infection, called keratitis.

Millions of Americans went to the hospital last year because of a serious eye infection, called keratitis.

According to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, contact

Source: http://www.kktv.com/home/headlines/Study-Shows-Contact-Lenses-Might-Cause-Dangerous-Eye-Infection--282924111.html

Contact lenses a main source of U.S. eye infections, CDC reports

Researchers say contact lenses worn overnight or not properly cleaned and stored can create an opening for keratitis. 

NEW YORK — A new government report says sloppy care of contact lenses is a main reason for hundreds of thousands of eye infections each year.

The reports estimates that there are nearly 1 million patient visits to doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals for treatment of an infection of the cornea called keratitis. Most cases are mild irritations or redness, but a very small number are severe and can lead to blindness.

The national Centers

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Contact lenses tied to thousands of eye infections

Nearly a million Americans visit the doctor each year for eye infections, which are often related to wearing contact lenses, according to a new report.

In 2010, people made 930,000 doctor’s visits plus 58,000 emergency department visits in the United States for microbial keratitis, according to the report, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Microbial keratitis is an infection of the eye’s transparent outer covering caused by bacteria, fungi, amebae or viruses.

The biggest risk factor for microbial keratitis is improperly wearing contact lens — for example, wearing the lenses overnight, not keeping contact lens cases clean and not replacing

Source: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/contact-lenses-tied-to-thousands-of-eye-infections/